Poster- San Bruno Mountain Butterflies and Their Native Host Plants

Our beautiful new poster features 30 butterflies native to San Bruno Mountain and the host plants their caterpillars use for food! Proceeds from the poster will go towards our efforts to restore and protect grassland habitat on the mountain for the endangered mission blue butterfly and callippe silverspot butterfly.

Printed professionally at a local print shop in San Francisco.

Currently available for sale or pick up at any of our outreach events, hikes, plant sales, volunteer events, etc. See:

You can buy posters in advance here (get one before they sell out!) and we will reserve them for you until pick up. Or, you can wait to buy them in person.

Shipping is also available, through a USPS 12.5 inches by 19inches padded Bubble Mailer. Shipping will add $6.50 to your purchase (The mailer is $2.59, then add shipping and postage charge).

We highly recommend & prefer you pick-up the poster rather than have it shipped!

We can’t guarantee how the Bubble Mailer will be handled and delivered, and whether the poster may be damaged during the delivery process.

Purchases are non-refundable.

Please email with questions.

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A bit more info for those who are curious: All 30 butterflies on the poster live on San Bruno Mountain, and are confirmed by recorded sightings on iNaturalist and noted in the wildlife section of the book The Flora of San Bruno Mountains by Elizabeth McClintock et al. The native host plants (also found on the mountain) of each caterpillar were researched through books and online sources. Photos are public domain and free of copyright, or taken by SBMW on the mountain. If you have further questions about the design or research process behind the poster, please email