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Save the Daly City Dunes

© 2010 Margo BorsThe Daly City Dunes on the western end of San Bruno Mountain are the last remnant of an ancient dune system formed 80 to 125 thousand years ago, when the North Peninsula was an island and water lapped at the base of the mountain.  It is very rare and endangered, but the heart of it is privately owned by folks who now want to put eight houses on the site. 

Houses already cover a good portion of the dunes, leaving this rare dune remnant which is about 10 acres in size.  The development plan would fragment what is left and make much of the remainder vulnerable to more building.  

This is a precious rare dune, composed of sandy deposits laid down during the Pleistocene era, that is unique on the San Francisco Peninsula.  The San Francisco dunes are made of sand from a later era. Naturally, as a rare ecosystem, it also hosts a very rare and sensitive community of dune plants that exist only in a few other locations in the GGNRA, where they are carefully tended. San Francisco Lessingia © 2012 SBMWThis community includes some very endangered plants, the San Francisco Lessingia, the San Francisco Spineflower and a miniature dune suncup.  The Lessingia is on the Endangered Species list, and preservation the Daly City dunes is an important feature of this plant’s recovery plan.

For members of San Bruno Mountain Watch, the reasons to save this unique feature of San Bruno Mountain are obvious. These include: Reserving our local biodiversity leads to a healthier ecosystem; open spaces and native landscapes provide a sense of wellbeing; and future generations should be able to enjoy as much of this biodiversity as possible. San Bruno Mountain is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspot, and this dune is a very unique and fragile feature of the mountain.

We hope to convince the owners of the threatened parcels of our point of view.  It would be a great gift, a legacy gift, to the people of Daly City and the Bay Area, were they to work with us to preserve this rare and endangered area.

In the meantime, we also need to convince everyone else of the dune’s value.  Daly City, along with the land-owners, will ultimately have to decide whether or not they are preserved.  You can help by giving city officials your opinion.  Read more here about what you can do right now.  Then please watch for more information about the dunes coming soon to this website.

(We now have pages addressing all issues relating to the Daly City Dunes, so please check them out to learn about the dunes and what you can do to help save them.)

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