Dear Friends,

Have you ever been on vacation to some place exotic and unique?  I hope so; such places often make you feel humble and grounded.  Even knowing these places are around can make you feel great. What many of us might forget is that we have a matchless place right in our own backyard where rare and endangered plants and animals help support ecosystems found only in this small part of the world. 

My name is John Haffner.  I am a board member for Mountain Watch.  My recent spring trips onto the mountain have reminded me how distinct and precious San Bruno Mountain is.  With the renewed growth of the plants and the spectacular display of flowers, I feel a renewed sense of commitment to preserving and protecting this mountain.

San Bruno Mountain Watch routinely does habitat restoration in several key locations on the mountain, aided and supported by a great cast of volunteers.  Thanks to everyone working at our nursery, on the hillsides and in the wetlands, more than 10,000 native plants were planted back onto the mountain in the past year. To say nothing of the piles of invasive plants that were removed.  All of this effort is to insure that we can maintain the wonderful biodiversity found on the mountain into the future.

Your generous donations are an important part of this effort too, and we are grateful for them.

In this era of a rapidly changing climate, biodiversity is the key to maintaining healthy, life supporting ecosystems.  Did you know that there are at least five different species of local, native ants being studied on San Bruno Mountain that have not yet been overrun by the Argentinian ants?  Please donate towards our habitat restoration efforts.

San Bruno Mountain Watch is also involved in conservation campaigns to save vital parts of the mountain like the Daly City Dunes and Northern Sign Hill – special places around the mountain not yet protected.  With projections of 2.1 million more people moving in to the Bay Area, we need to be vigilant about saving the truly unique and special areas that are left, and providing for more open spaces. 

We are happy to do this work for our favorite mountain, but we need your help.  Please consider a donation of $100 or more to support our efforts. ANY amount makes a difference. A new option is to become a monthly sustaining donor.  This allows for you to budget your support to Mountain Watch on a monthly basis and means Mountain Watch can grow strong knowing you are devoted to the cause.

As the economic picture has changed, local foundation funding for direct environmental advocacy and protection like we do has largely disappeared.  The success of the Mission Blue Nursery’s plant sales has helped offset this loss, but the nursery is not a retail business – its mission, like Mountain Watch’s, is to support the native ecosystems of San Bruno Mountain in perpetuity. Proceeds from the nursery go directly into supporting the nursery and stewardship programs.

It is individual donors like you that we must rely upon most to keep our programs going – habitat stewardship, further conservation efforts, and our education programs. 

Please give generously today!

John Haffner
SBMW Board Member

PS: It was gratifying last week to see thirty 5th graders from Belle Aire Elementary School out on the mountain. One boy told the leader that it was his best field trip ever. If we are going to sustain our native ecosystems, we need the youngsters to keep having experiences that help them value nature. That's where San Bruno Mountain really makes a difference for a better future.