our next native plant sale will be Saturday December 3rd, 2016


Seedlings from Mission Blue Nursery replanted on San Bruno Mountain

A major threat to the native ecosystems and endangered butterfly habitats on San Bruno Mountain is the invasion of non-native plants that can take over entire hillsides in one season. The native plants that we propagate in the Mission Blue Nursery are a vital tool in combating this invasion. In conjunction with San Mateo County Parks, seeds are manually collected from the mountain from various locations to ensure genetic diversity. Volunteers nurture the seedlings in the nursery and replant them back onto the mountain after invasive plants have been removed. This jumpstarts the native ecosystem and bolsters its ability to survive future invasions.

To find out more about our stewardship program, please visit our Stewardship page.


Volunteers working at the Mission Blue Nursery

Mission Blue Nursery offers a regular drop-in volunteer program on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM - no experience is necessary. Volunteers are crucial in every aspect of nursery work, from sowing seeds, to potting up plants, from tending our demonstration garden and seed crop fields, to cleaning seeds and maintaining the health of our plants. Volunteers gain intimate knowledge of the flora of San Bruno Mountain and California plants in general. 

If Wednesdays don’t work for you, volunteer opportunities can also be arranged by appointment by contacting Ildiko Polony, the Nursery Manager. We are happy to figure out how your specific talents and interests can best fit the needs of the Nursery while working with your schedule. The following special skills are currently needed: light carpentry, irrigation maintenance and optimization, rain water collection, small scale solar installation and hook up.

We are currently accepting applications for internships. If you're interested, please email ildiko@mountainwatch.org.


Don't miss Mission Blue Nursery's quarterly plant sales

Stock up during our seasonal plant sales (2016 dates: February 20, May 14, September 11 - during pancake breakfast, December 3). Sign up below to receive notifications about our sales. An updated plant sale list is posted before each sale.

The nursery is also open by appointment. Visit our sale-by-appointment page or contact Ildiko Polony, Nursery Manager.

You can also contract with us to grow plants for your larger landscape or restoration projects, from seed and cutting collection to mature plants. We typically need 18 months advance notice for contract grows. 

One of the most direct ways you can help nature is by planting the native plants that have evolved with your local fauna over millions of years and on whom this wildlife depends. Mission Blue Nursery offers over 110 different species of plants from shrubs and grasses, to wildflowers and trees that would be appropriate for much of the Bay Area and the coast of California. As a non-profit nursery, all sales support our conservation and restoration efforts on San Bruno Mountain.