Our Mission Blue Nursery grows native plants exclusively from seeds and cuttings collected by permit on San Bruno Mountain and provides these for ecosystem restoration projects on the mountain.

Through public plant sales and private contracts, we also supply plants for landscaping projects in local cities including school gardens, backyards, and sustainable streetscapes.

Our nursery helps raise awareness about the mountain and its extraordinary and unique flora, promotes drought tolerant and locally adapted landscaping, and contributes extensively to the restoration of habitat for the mountain's rare and endangered species.

Read more about our nursery’s history and learn how we strive to grow healthy plants!


Volunteers contribute tremendously to our nursery. Feel free to join our lovely community and assist with plant propagation and maintenance, tending to our native plant demonstration garden, seed processing, and more! Volunteers gain intimate knowledge of the flora of San Bruno Mountain and California plants. 

Mission Blue Nursery offers a regular drop-in volunteer program on Wednesdays from 10:00AM to 12:30PM. Check the upcoming events page for more information (rain may cancel programs).

Corporate groups or school groups interested in volunteer opportunities may email nursery@mountainwatch.org in order to schedule events.


Stock up during our quarterly plant sales. Sign up to receive notifications about our sales. An updated plant sale list is posted before each sale. Our next sale will take place in November.

Apart from our quarterly plant sales, our nursery is only open by appointment. Visit our sale-by-appointment page to make an appointment online.

We also grow plants for large-scale landscaping and restoration projects. Please contact us if you're interested in contracting us for such projects.

One of the most direct ways you can help your immediate environment is by planting the native plants that have evolved with your local fauna over millions of years and on whom this wildlife depends. Mission Blue Nursery offers over many different species of plants from shrubs and grasses, to wildflowers and trees that would be appropriate for much of the Bay Area and the coast of California. As a non-profit nursery, all sales help fund our restoration and education programs on San Bruno Mountain and support the operation of our organization.