Wish List

(also check out our Mission Blue Nursery Wish List)

Office Supplies:

sticky notepads
business size envelopes
new writing pens, pencils, markers
heavy duty paper cutter
staple remover

Supplies for School Planter Box Project:

lumber - 2x4s, 2x6s, 4x4s - all preferably pressure treated

bolts - machine, carriage or lag, 3-5½"

galvanized fine mesh chicken wire or hardware cloth for gopher-proofing

rechargable drill with drill bits


GPS unit - handheld, good quality

folding tables

plastic storage containers - 30 gallon preferred

We would like to redesign our office space - we need:

Volunteer talented in designing spaces

2 small office desks and chairs

Room partitions

Good quality sofa or love seat

Small kitchen cabinet, lower and upper

2 Apple computers

Apple compatible laser printer

Medium duty copier

Fast scanner


Please call Kris Jensen at 415-467-6631
or email kjensen@mountainwatch.org
if you have an item we might need.