The Northeast Ridge of San Bruno Mountain






Mountain Watch Speaks Out Butterfly Experts and Scientists Speak Out
San Bruno Mountain Watch expresses in scientific, economic, environmental, and moral terms an encyclopedic amount of information discrediting the Northeast Ridge EIR Addendum. In this Segment, you'll see and hear some of the foremost experts on the ecology, biology, and the butterflies of San Bruno Mountain speak out against the EIR Addendum.


Environmental Groups Speak Out Citizens Speak Out
Environmental Groups such as the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society Speak Out against the Northeast Ridge EIR Addendum Not So Ordinary Brisbane and Local Citizens eloquently
Speak Out against the Northeast Ridge EIR


Brisbane City Council Meeting January 19, 2010 City Staff and USFWS Statements
The Brisbane City Council heard the Public speak about the Brookfield 71 Home Project to be built on Endangered Species Habitat. Here is a collection of most of the speakers that night, in the order in which they spoke. The Brisbane City Staff and US Fish and Wildlife Service Staff give their opinions on the Northeast Ridge EIR Addendum. Not surprisingly, they support it.