Development threatens wilderness on San Bruno Mountain

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Development Threatens Wilderness on San Bruno Mountain

From the early 1900s until the late 1960s, San Francisco dumped its garbage into the Bay near the small town of Brisbane. For this, Brisbane owes a San Francisco a hearty thanks. Really. For a long time, the overpowering smell stopped development, keeping the wilderness around Brisbane intact. After that, grassroots efforts convinced politicians to set aside what has become 23 hundred acres of state and county park. KALW’s Judy Silber reports that more recent years, the pressure to develop has built up, threatening the wilderness and the species that live there.

Please note: this story contains a factual error. The founder of San Bruno Mountain Watch is David Schooley - not David Schooner. KALW News apologizes for the mistake.
Show Aired 9/29/09 6:12 pm