We sell plants by appointment! If you'd like to visit our nursery and make a purchase before our next public plant sale, please send an email to or call our office at (415) 467-6631. We look forward to seeing you, thank you for supporting our nursery!

The Mission Blue Nursery is also open to the public during our community plant sales which occur quarterly. Click here to see our plant list from our most recent sale on March 2nd, 2019.

Get inspired about growing natives in your garden! Check out the California Native Plant Society's Gardening Program, whose mission is to support and encourage the use of California natives. And be sure to visit our Why Garden with Natives? page where you'll find some good advice and links to native gardening resources.

You can get paid to transform your yard by replacing a water-thirsty lawn with water-efficient landscaping. Check out the Lawn be Gone! program by the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA). The San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program has partnered with the BAWSCA to help residents purchase rain barrels. Check out their Rain Barrel Rebate Program.