Winter 2013 Nursery Update

Joe Cannon, our Stewardship Director, now has a full-time position at SF City College. So Joe's Stewardship Intern and right hand man, Lawrence Fernandez, is in charge of the day-to-day workings at the Mission Blue Nursery with Joe's supervision. Under Lawrence's practiced and enthusiastic hands the nursery is purring.

The demonstration gardens are looking especially beautiful after Joe's cleanup push. Plus the rains and the current spring-like weather have also made their essential contributions. The riparian garden, the pond, and the dry garden have been weeded and spruced up - and with Spring almost here they will soon be at their prime.

Paul Bouscal and Lou Gold have cleaned up the non-native brush and ivy growing on the firehouse side of the property. The California natives that they uncovered have perked right up and are enjoying the sun and lack of competition. A little extra gravel has made the driveway less muddy and more welcoming to our guests.

We have been very lucky with the number of wonderful and talented new volunteers who have been coming regularly to the nursery workdays on Wednesday mornings, but no matter how many people come there are still lots of things to do to prepare for the next sale on Saturday March 2nd, outplantings to the mountain, and commissioned plants for other landscaping locations. The hours of work spent on the mist house and watering system have paid off in happier plants that relocate easily to garden or mountain.

Come by for a visit - it will make your day!

- posted by Mary Beth James-Thibodeaux - SBMW Volunteer