Appreciating Our Interns


Many thanks to our summer interns Dionne Dettmer and Anna Schlosser, who brought their dedication, positive attitudes, and hard work to every aspect of our work. Both helped out at our Wednesday nursery programs, helped to monitor the success of our plantings, collected seeds, washed pots, and helped in countless other ways - Dionne led the Tuesday Cypress Lane Wetland workdays, and Anna assisted our Saturday stewardship programs.

ara Kai and Dionne manning plant sale table

ara Kai and Dionne manning plant sale table

Also, a big thanks to Tara Kai Lam Centeio, who interned with us in the spring, and has continued to volunteer through the summer, and to Daniel Rodarte, whose photo we hope yet to catch. Daniel went on to an internship at Yosemite this past summer, and will be continuing his studies at SF State University. Tara Kai is going on to an AmeriCorps position at a community oriented farm in Pennsylvania, Anna is continuing her studies in Ecology at SF City College, and Dionne is finishing up her studies at College of the Atlantic, in Maine.

Thank you each. It has been a treasured gift to have your help and presence. We wish you the best, and we hope to continue to see you here throughout the coming years! You have made good friends here.

   — Iris Clearwater, Stewardship Coordinator