It Won't Be Easy Saying Goodbye

Today we heard the terrible news that Mary Baird had died suddenly earlier this week.

Mary was for many years a dedicated volunteer in our Stewardship Programs - digging up many weeds, with mattock in hand, at the Colma Creek restoration area on San Bruno Mountain. She was also a dedicated Mission Blue Nursery volunteer, religiously showing up every week to do her job with her usual attention to detail - carefully transplanting delicate seedlings, worrying about each one and concerned whether it would survive.

After her recent cataract surgery she was looking forward to winter seed processing sessions - where she would now be able to actually see what she was doing!

We will miss her - as Mary is irreplaceable.

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Update:  the date has been set for Mary's memorial service:

March 3
2pm to 5pm
Club opens at 1pm
Memorial service starts at 2pm

Sierra Point Yacht Club
500 Sierra Point Parkway
Brisbane, CA 94005

Mary Baird Memorial Service Registration

Organizers would greatly appreciate it if you would complete anonline registration form at the above link. If you have problems registering, or would prefer not to use the online form, please email Michele Salmon.