It's A Zoo Out There!

All kinds of creatures visit the Mission Blue Nursery - not all welcome. But one of the delights of working at the nursery are surprise sightings of the Pacific Chorus frog, or Pacific Tree frog. They love the regular misting in the nursery and find dark, moist places to hang out most of the time. But when they perch on a Brownie Thistle leaf or pretend to be a hat decoration, they are always very lovable and adorable.

Frogs aren't the only creatures that seek out the coolness and water of the nursery. Birds are frequent visitors - we should probably start a list! But the other day I found another surprise visitor.


With a little help from my friend David Nelson, we believe the refuge seeker to be a Western Racer. It seemed to be drinking droplets of water from the leaves during a couple of weeks of extra hot and dry weather. It wound its way leisurely through the pots, inspecting the microcosm created by the weeds. Of course, it may have also been hoping to find some insects, or chorus frogs...

I was pretty thrilled to get to have a close look, and that it let me take photos to share with you!

   — Iris Clearwater, Stewardship Coordinator