Look At Our Garden Grow

By leaps and bounds, or boulders we should say.  Still no planting in the demonstration garden (except the lonely buckeye) - and there's still plenty of weeding to do.  Of course we need time to spare - which we don't seem to have.  We've managed to get a little behind on our maintenance work and, with all the plantings on the mountain, there are stacks and stacks of containers to be cleaned and stored in preparation for the next round.

Nevertheless -- Paul Bouscal, the major player in getting the nursery structure built and functional, arranged to have these magnificent boulders moved to our garden.  We won't say where they came from, but they won't be missed.  And we love them!  It is thought that the greenish ones are serpentine - the others?  Any geologists out there?

Our regular nursery workdays are Wednesday mornings.  Please come out and  enjoy good company and rewarding work.