Sometimes Things Don't Go Exactly As Planned

Saturday was supposed to be another planting day at the Bog Trail, but it seems we were not in sync with Parks Department wishes and work was temporarily postponed until a later date.  This will be worked out, the plants will get into the ground where they belong - and we will all learn good lessons.

So the volunteers, determined to continue their work, one way or the other, headed back to the nursery.   One goal of the nursery is to complete a demonstration garden onsite.  You can see that there is currently one bare and lonely California Buckeye (Aesculus californica) at the garden site.  Just a few days ago the whole area behind it was covered in weeds, but Saturday the area was cleared, mulched and will soon be ready for planting too.


Buckeyes are deciduous and lose their leaves early, before summer is over.  But they are one of the first native trees to leaf out – this tree will have the beginnings of green leaves in a couple of weeks.  Then by mid Spring there will be an inflorescence of fragrant white flowers at the end of the branches.

Butterflies love these flowers – check out the action in Buckeye Canyon this Spring where the Spring Azure/Echo Blue butterflies (Celastrina ladon echo) float around at eye level in search of their next nectar meal from the buckeye.