First Plantings in Buckeye Canyon

Our restoration efforts have expanded from Bog Trail plantings in the Saddle area over into Buckeye Canyon on the main ridge, a very different habitat.  Saturday was the first day of planting this season in this native prairie grassland.  Buckeye Canyon and this grassland ridge just to the east are important butterfly habitat for the Mission Blue (Icaricia icarioides missionensis) and Callipe Silverspot (Speyeria callippe callippe).

San Francisco Wallfower, Coast Buckwheat and native grasses are finding their natural home once again.  About 250 plants, raised in the Mission Blue Nursery, were outplanted on Saturday.

Future planting days for Owl/Buckeye Canyons are Jan 29, Feb 5 and Feb 19.  For email notifications of stewardship events, complete the signup form.

Scientific NameCommon NamePlant Family

Elymus glaucuswestern rye grassPoaceae/Grass

Eriogonum latifoliumcoast buckwheatPolygonaceae/Buckwheat

Erysimum franciscanumSan Francisco wallflowerBrassicaceae/Mustard

Festuca idahoensisIdaho fescuePoaceae/Grass

Festuca rubrared fescuePoaceae/Grass

Grindelia hirsutula var. maritimaSan Francisco gumplantAsteraceae/Sunflower

Luzula comosawood rushJuncaceae/Rush

Melica californicaCalifornia melic grassPoaceae/Grass

Nassella pulchrapurple needlegrassPoaceae/Grass

Phacelia californicaCalifornia phaceliaHydrophyllaceae/Phacelia