21 Acres of Sign Hill Saved!

San Bruno Mountain Watch is thrilled that dedicated advocacy and collaboration have resulted in the preservation of 21 acres of Sign Hill as public open space! We are grateful to all who contributed to this victory, and wish to congratulate SBMW Board Member Del Schembari, SSF Weed Warrior leaders Chuck Heimstadt and Loretta Brooks, and Kamala Silva from Friends of Sign Hill for their role in this outcome. 

Many other people and agencies were involved! The excerpts below celebrating this important conservation achievement are from an article published by our friends at Everything South City

        View of the northern side of Sign Hill as seen from the ridge of San Bruno Mountain

        View of the northern side of Sign Hill as seen from the ridge of San Bruno Mountain


With deep appreciation to the Liberty family for their generous donation and with help from taxpayers coffers from County made available by the SMC Board of Supervisors ($690,000) and by the City of South San Francisco ($82,500) we will finally have this amazing 21 acre parcel on Sign Hill preserved for all time after years of resident’s lobbying for this area to remain as open space and not developed.

“The purchase of this land ensures permanent preservation of the open space, which is something Council has, for years, wanted to do,” Mayor Liza Normandy is quoted as saying in a press release by the City. “We know how much our residents value and appreciate Sign Hill, so we are excited to be able to offer more open space in our City.”

Cheryl  and Ross Liberty have been the stewards of this beautiful acreage for over a decade and in recent times were seeking to sell to potential developers. Long time advocates of preserving open space San Bruno Mountain Watch and Friends of Sign Hill were ecstatic to learn this news. “This is a long time coming as a project of Mountain Watch and Friends of Sign Hill in partnership with the City of South San Francisco and shows what can be accomplished by neighborhood groups” San Bruno Mountain Watch Board Member Del Schembari said “We cannot express enough our appreciation to the Liberty family for their generous donation coupled with taxpayer funds from both the County and the City. ”

For decades City officials have expressed the desire to see this parcel added to the 45 acres already owned and preserved by the City of South San Francisco yet the timing never worked out due to the recession and other financial concerns. This addition to our preserved Sign Hill will fondly be known as ‘The Liberty Park’ in honor of the gift from the Liberty family. New trails will be created and maintained by the City’s Park and Recreation Department under the direction of Sharon Ranals who has also worked tirelessly on this endeavor.

“We look forward to working with Sharon Ranals and the SSF Parks and Recreation” Schembari said “And we still need to remember the remaining 20 acres on the western parcel currently owned by the Syme Estate. We cannot rest until our mission is completed: to preserve ALL of Sign Hill for future generations to enjoy.”

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