Bog Trail Outplanting Continues

outplanting: the planting into the field of seedlings raised in a nursery or greenhouse

Our efforts over the last year at the Mission Blue Nursery are contuing to make this habitat retoration possible.  On yet another overcast and cold day, dedicated volunteers planted more natives along the Bog Trail during the regularly scheduled restoration workday.

Sadly, this was the last workday for Jenny, who over the last year has made significant contributions to the nursery, our habitat restoration efforts and the SBMW website.  She moved to Boston in time for the record breaking January 2011 blizzard. 

Scientific Name Common Name Plant Family
Achillea millefolium common yarrow Asteraceae/Sunflower
Danthonia californica California oatgrass Poaceae/Grass
Fragaria chiloensis beach strawberry Rosaceae/Rose
Fragaria vesca woodland strawberry Rosaceae/Rose
Leymus triticoides creeping wildrye Poaceae/Grass
Satureja douglasii yerba buena mint Lamiaceae/Mint