Stewardship — protecting and restoring the unique biodiversity of San Bruno Mountain

Check out what's available to you in our Stewardship Volunteer Programs

The primary goal of the stewardship program is to restore and maintain the habitat of the rare and endangered plant and animal species still found on San Bruno Mountain. These efforts include restoring the overall diversity and function of the mountain’s regionally unique coastal prairie, freshwater wetlands, coastal scrub and broadleaf forest ecosystems. 

The regional importance of the mountain’s high biodiversity, the number and extent of expanding invasive plant populations and the significant size (3,300 acres) require a comprehensive stewardship program. 

The goals of the stewardship program are being accomplished through hands-on stewardship across the mountain as well as at our Mission Blue Native Plant Nursery. Both of these programs are intimately linked to our environmental education activities on the mountain. Whether we are working with students, community, or corporate groups all of the restoration activities will be an educational opportunity to deepen volunteers' understanding and appreciation for the native plants and animals of this diverse region.

The Stewardship Program is directed by Joseph Cannon who teaches ecology at the City College of San Francisco. Check out what's available to you in our Stewardship Volunteer Programs.