Glimpse from the Field:
what's up with our Stewardship Program?

Volunteers are welcome to join us at our Mission Blue Nursery or at any of our stewardship outings. Nursery activities vary depending on the season, but may include planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, washing pots, and processing seeds collected from the mountain. Stewardship Saturdays are every Saturday at various locations on the Mountain, South San Franicisco Weed Warriors are 2 days a month, and Cypress Lane Wetlands restoration is every Tuesday. You could be weeding or planting, depending on the season. Come join us!

Find out more about our Stewardship Volunteer Programs and the Mission Blue Nursery


Appreciating our interns!

Summer interns Dionne and AnnaMany thanks to our summer interns Dionne Dettmer and Anna Schlosser, who brought their dedication, positive attitudes, and hard work to every aspect of our work. Both helped out at our Wednesday nursery programs, helped to monitor the success of our plantings, collected seeds, washed pots, and helped in countless other ways - Dionne led the Tuesday Cypress Lane Wetland workdays, and Anna assisted our Saturday stewardship programs.

Also, a big thanks to Tara Kai Lam Centeio, who interned with us in the spring, and has continued to volunteer through the summer, and to Daniel Rodarte, whose photo we hope yet to Tara Kai and Dionne manning plant sale tablecatch. Daniel went on to an internship at Yosemite this past summer, and will be continuing his studies at SF State University. Tara Kai is going on to an AmeriCorps position at a community oriented farm in Pennsylvania, Anna is continuing her studies in Ecology at SF City College, and Dionne is finishing up her studies at College of the Atlantic, in Maine.

Thank you each. It has been a treasured gift to have your help and presence. We wish you the best, and we hope to continue to see you here throughout the coming years! You have made good friends here.

   — Iris Clearwater, Stewardship Coordinator


Welcome our new Stewardship Coordinator...

Iris Clearwater

Mountain Watch’s new Stewardship Coordinator has arrived! Iris Clearwater, a self-described “enthusiatic naturalist”, comes back to the Bay Area where she lived for 12 years — leading restoration work with Nature in the City, managing the native plant garden at Alemany Farm, searching for rare plants in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), and leading restoration programs in the Presidio.

Iris will manage our Mission Blue Nursery and oversee our Stewardship Program, working closely with Joe Cannon our Stewardship Director. She brings with her extensive experience with invasive species control, vegetation research methods, herbarium work, and wildlife monitoring – as well as with community-engaged projects and the arts.

You can reach Iris at the Mountain Watch office at 467-6631, or by email at


controlling willows...

Today was a big day at the Cypress Lane Wetlands. My crew from San Francisco was back, this time with boots. We also had four adults and our college student to help. We got a lot more cattails cleared out, and the brief rain we had this week got at least one chorus frog singing.

intruding willowsWe also met Brisbane’s City Engineer about getting regular pick ups of the biomass we are removing, and about the boundaries of our work. As a result, we got Tim Chang, of Humbolt Tree Service to come out and trim some of the willows on the property, which had begun to intrude.

Come out and see the progress for yourselves!

We’ll be back on Tuesday July 29th and again on August 5th.

  — Noixium


thinning cattails to make ponds...

For the next couple of weeks at Cypress Lane Wetlands we are concentrating on thinning the cattails that are choking the water flow in our little wetlands. By removing the dead or weak cattails and leaving the strong ones, we will oxygenate the water and create more pools for the frogs to swim in and breed in. 

Last week I had a young helper from Roberston School, along with Mary Buckham, who has been a real help. Yesterday eight members of the Student Conservation Association (SCA) along with their two supervisors came out to help. They were a great help and they are coming back next week.  I am sure they will remember to bring along boots next time, since we have to get into the mud to remove the cattails.

The pictures are before and after our thinning work:

I would love to increase the number of our regular wetlands volunteers!  Please join us!

    — Noixium


plans for the Summer at Cypress Lane Wetlands...

Noixium Berrios studying aquatic animalsHello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. Brother Nature here - San Bruno Mountain Watch Naturalist. Just wanted to let you know that we are starting a new summer habitat (enhancement) restoration season at the Cypress Lane Wetlands. We will be enhancing and restoring the remnant creek including some aquatic biology study areas we can use in the upcoming school year . It is great that the local schools can have an Aquatic Biology Lab.

Volunteers that worked on this site for the past 6 years did a wonderful job. The area is an environmental gem. Besides the great variety of native plants, I’ve seen Hooded Orioles, Cedar Waxwings, Western Fence Lizards and Coyote scat. That’s just some of the things above water.

This summer during our habitat rehab sessions we’ll also dip net and discover the world of Aquatic Biology — assuming there’s water. If you plan to come and help out, bring your rubber boots if you have them. We will provide tools and snacks.

Workdays are every Tuesday from 9:00 – 12:00 through August 5th - you can find me along the trail from 8:30am to 1:30pm. Parking is OK at the cul-de-sac of Cypress Lane in Crocker Industrial Park.

You can reach me at:
415-467-6631 SBMW Office
415-756-4223 My Cell

You might want to bring these things:

  • Water Bottle (Full)
  • Spray Water Bottle – to keep yourself cool
  • Your own first aid kit (We have one in case of any emergency)
  • Binoculars (We have a few to share)
  • Your own work gloves (We have some to share)
  • A towel
  • Your Lunch

Together let's create some space for the Pacific Chorus Frogs!