Plant a garden with the Guadalupe Valley Stewards!

  • Crocker Park Recreational Trail Brisbane, CA, 94005 United States

Help the Guadalupe Valley Stewards continue planting a native garden! 

Tucked behind warehouses and parking lots in Guadalupe Valley's Crocker Industrial Park is a small ditch-creek and wetland that has been lovingly restored by volunteers. The valley was once a mix of grassland and wetland, drained by multiple tributaries that fed into a salt marsh mingling with the San Francisco Bay.

The urban wetland, enveloped by native plants, is a lively breeding ground for Pacific chorus frogs, whose whole life cycle, from egg to tadpole to frog, can be observed. Work involves weeding, planting native plants, and picking up trash to prevent it from ending up in the bay. Watch our award-winning video about our urban restoration project:

Directions and a map can be found here.  Please RSVP using the volunteer sign-up form below.

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