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Coyote Workshops in Brisbane

  • Brisbane City Hall 50 Park Place Brisbane, CA 94005 (map)

Your last chance to attend on of Brisbane's educational workshops about coyotes is on March 5 at 10AM. Join the discussion that will focus on working towards a solution to keep the coyotes, our pets, and our families safe! The workshop will be in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall.

Andrew Hughan of the CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife will be leading these workshops. He is the Public Information Officer for Regions I (Northern) & III (Bay Delta, which Brisbane falls in). Andrew grew up on the Peninsula so he is familiar with this area. Andrew recognizes that coyotes are becoming more and more of an issue and that we need to educate ourselves about their behavior and how to avoid negative interactions.

Those of us living in Brisbane need to realize that we are surrounded by open space that supports coyotes. Andrew will be joined by a San Mateo County Game Warden and possibly a wildlife biologist. They will be available to share their perspectives and answer any questions from the public on ways to safely coexist with coyotes.

In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PET FOOD BOWLS OUT OVERNIGHT—that alone could result in avoiding 90% of negative interactions. Coyotes are like dogs and will remember how they got their last easy meal…and will keep returning to get their next.

Please visit Keep Me Wild: Coyote at the California Department of Fish & Wildlife website. There you will find important information about coyotes and human/coyote interactions. Download the department's Keep Me Wild brochure.

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